Stacey Konner

Stacey serves as Senior Partner and Director, Talent Acquisition at Brakeley Search. Stacey’s background includes 20 years’ experience leading and managing corporate and nonprofit operations and over a decade in nonprofit fund development. As a Certified People Sourcing Professional (CPSP) and a Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional (CDSP), Stacey has completed over 200 successful executive searches.

After graduating with a degree in forestry from the University of California at Berkeley, Stacey worked for the National Park Service and US Forest Service researching the effects of natural and prescribed burns on the environment, managing timber harvests, and fighting wildfires. Stacey moved to Ohio and attended Miami University where she studied computer systems analysis. Stacey then worked for engineering and telecom companies, including General Electric Aircraft Engine and Alcatel, as a programmer analyst, software diagnostic engineer, and project lead.

After serving on many nonprofit boards, Stacey decided to transition her skills to nonprofits. Since 2004, Stacey has helped numerous organizations achieve their fundraising goals and enhance their missions. She has consulted or worked for environmental, social service, hospital, and healthcare organizations and is a development consultant for the Center for Nonprofit Leadership’s Coaching and Consulting Network.

Stacey received her BS degree in Forestry from the University of California at Berkeley and studied Computer Systems Analysis at Miami University. Stacey now lives on the border of Yosemite National Park and enjoys hiking and backpacking there.

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